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November 13, 2009

Training for 11/13/09

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Well, three consecutive days of driving, pouring rain finally broke my resolve. I had three miles at race pace scheduled this morning. I pulled on all the running clothes that had finally dried out after yesterday’s three easy miles, opened the back door and just… went back inside.

Today is supposed to be the last day of this crap. Tomorrow’s not going to be beautiful, but it’s not supposed to pour its ass off all day. Sunday is supposed to be pretty nice.

This morning was not a complete waste, however. I mapped out my plan for the half marathon next Saturday:

  • Mile 1 — start off nice and easy at 8:30
  • Mile 2 — ramp it up a bit to 8:10
  • Mile 3 — one at goal average pace of 7:49
  • Miles 4-9 — A bit faster at 7:39/mile to make up for slower opening miles
  • Miles 10-13.1 — 7:49/mile pace

Total time: Somewhere around 1:42:30, average pace of 7:49/mile

I’m hoping having this plan will let me start out slow, the way I should have in my first half marathon but didn’t. And I’m hoping starting out slow and taking those GU Chomps at about the 7-mile marker will prevent those stupid leg cramps I had near the end of my first race.

So here’s the new plan for the weekend: 13-mile long run at an easy pace as scheduled tomorrow morning, followed by cleaning the house and changing my car’s oil, and a 4-mile pace run Sunday morning to test out the progression at the beginning of the half marathon, followed by the Ravens game, NASCAR race and Zak’s first birthday party.

The weather forecast better be right about this stuff clearing up, or I’m going to be pissed.


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