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June 10, 2009

It already began

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You’re late.

Well, I am.

Almost two months ago, my brother mentioned a half marathon in Virginia Beach later this summer he was considering running. Before he realized he wouldn’t know if his work schedule would allow him to run until much closer to race day, I was already way too excited about it. So I signed up, and started building up my piddly two-miles-a-day, three-days-a-week running workouts.

That’s why this blog is late. It’s already missed the first two months of my progress, and it’s been substantial.

Since April 14, I have:

  • Set a new PR (personal record) in the 5K — I ran the Diamondback Dash 5K in Rehoboth Beach on May 17 in 23:42. And I have another 5K scheduled for June 28, which I hope will be another PR.
  • Increased my weekly mileage to 21 miles.
  • Run seven miles straight, and felt like I could have kept going.
  • Increased my running workouts to four days a week.
  • Increased my shortest weekly run to four miles.
  • Learned about and implemented fartleks, tempo runs and endurance runs.

In other words, I’m miles ahead of where I was two months ago (pun intended.)

This blog will be a daily account of my training. A typical week goes like this:

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Strength training
  • Tuesday: Fartleks and short easy run, total of 5.3 miles
  • Wednesday: Four-mile tempo run, strength training
  • Thursday: Same as Tuesday
  • Friday: Strength training
  • Saturday: Long endurance run

The workouts will vary if there is a race coming up. Or if I get sick or injured. But I will not deviate from this plan because I just didn’t feel like going out there one day.

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