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June 29, 2009

Training for 6/29/09 and a race report

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This morning was weight training, which I had to cut short thanks to an early assignment that turned out to be a complete waste of time. I think I’ll try to finish up tonight after work if it’s not too hot upstairs.

So yesterday was a 5K in Ocean City, and it was not much fun. Several factors conspired against me, and I turned in my worst 5K time ever, 24:58, almost 90 seconds off my best. Blah.

As I’ve extensively chronicled, I’m just coming off a bout of tendinitis in my left foot, and, apart from the trail run I got in last Thursday, the 5K was my first real run in a couple of weeks. And since my new shoes were the cause of the tendinits, I ran in my old, worn out shoes, which reminded me I really need to buy another new pair. Like, today.

The night before was less than restful. We went to Old Mill for dinner, where I didn’t eat crabs (too much work for me, I had salmon instead), but I did help Clark finish off two pitchers of Bud. We then went to a 9:50 p.m. showing of Transformers at the Salisbury theater, where I drank a 32-oz bottle of water in hopes of cancelling out the beer. It was 1:30 a.m. before I got to bed. I had to be up at 6 a.m. to make it to the race.

The morning of the race, I didn’t have any trouble getting out of bed, and I didn’t feel hungover or anything. I thought I’d be fine.

But then there was the actual race. From the first step, I could feel my body just begging me to stop, and for no real reason. My foot didn’t hurt at all (other than the general ache of running in old shoes), but my body was yelling “Are you kidding me? Holy crap, just stop it!”

I tried to concentrate really hard on my form, which I think I managed to hold well in spite of everything, and the thought of laying on the beach and doing NOTHING for the rest of the day.

It worked, and I managed to run the whole thing and not collapse or throw up when it was over. The race was sponsored by the Greene Turtle West, and started and ended there, so there was free beer and chicken wings at the after party. I skipped the wings and had a banana instead, but I did drink some beer, after drinking some more sensible water and sports drinks.

So I had a bad race. Boo hoo. There’s a million 5Ks out there on any given weekend, so there’s always next time.

The rest of the day made up for it. It was perfect beach weather and the water wasn’t too cold. We had lunch at the Greene Turtle on 116th Street while watching the first half of the NASCAR race.

Plus, there was one funny part of the whole race. After it was over, Clark went to toss an empty water cup in a trash can, and this little kid ran over to puke in the can at the same moment. Clark came within inches of getting his hand covered in vomit, and he didn’t even run.

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