A Simple Running Log

June 11, 2009

Training for 6/11/09

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This morning was breezy and a bit warm, but overall a good day for a run.

I started with a short walk and then a 2-minute jog to warm up. The next two miles consisted of speed intervals, or, as they’re technically referred to by “real” runners, fartleks, which is a Swedish word meaning “speed play.” Fartleks are based on the same premise as high intensity interval training, or HIIT, which is the idea of combining periods of hard running or flat-out sprinting with recovery periods of jogging. The point is to train your heart and breathing to regain control after being elevated, for instance, by a steep incline.

I generally prefer to call them intervals, because my juvenile sense of humor won’t let me say the word “fartlek” without giggling.

Anyway, the intervals I run are from a book Clark bought a few years ago, “The Abs Diet,” which is now a huge joke in our family because of the extremes to which Clark has taken what’s written in this book in the past. Not so much the exercise, but the brief nutrition part at the beginning.

This particular set of intervals starts with a 2-minute hard run, then a 2-minute jog, and repeat. Then you run five 30-second intervals of hard running with 30 seconds of recovery jogging in between.

For me, that covered about two miles. Then I walked for two minutes before running the rest of the way home at a steady, comfortable pace. That was about 3.3 miles. Overall, I did 5.3 miles this morning.

I’m looking forward to my day off from running tomorrow before my 7-miler Saturday morning. Tomorrow is strength training.

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